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Frequently Asked Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our work and provide the answers here. If you need additional information send email to 


Do you install customer parts?

Yes, while we cannot offer our parts warranty, we can install your parts if you have them. 


Do you Charge a diagnostic fee?

As with most repair facilities we do charge a diagnostic fee. Although we will most times waive the fee if the required services are done in our facility. 


Do you install custom parts, or aftermarket accessories? 

Yes, and no. Some custom parts require a great deal of specific skill, or tools we may not have to do the installation. Such as lift kits, and body kits. While we'd like to have the business, the risk outweighs the benefit if something gets damaged. We will handle this on a case by case basis. 


Do you give senior or military discounts? 

Yes, we offer a 10% discount to seniors and active military (Current military ID req'd) Discounts must be done at the time of vehicle dropoff so as to be applied correctly to the invoice. 


Can you work on passenger cars too?

Sure thing! Our staff has the knowledge, and know how to handle even the light cars, and pickup trucks of today. We specialize in heavy trucks, but have the ability to service your entire fleet. 


I need a tow, can you get me there? 

Absolutely! We use Stepp's Towing, they can tow in anything from a small car, all the way up to a tractor and trailer. Anywhere in this state, and bordering states, so yes we have you covered! 


I broke down on the road, can you help me?

We do not at this time offer roadside service, generally more complicted things like brake failure, engine noises, or anything that could require extensive diagnostics, or lenghty repairs it'll need to be towed in. Due to safety we do no mechanical work on the roadside. 


Can we open an account, and be billed monthly?

Yes you can! With a simple credit application, and some reference checks we'll open a line of credit for your company. We can do several different net accounts as well. 


Do you accept payment VIA Fleet management companies like Enterprise, Donlen, Penske, etc..?

Yes! We accept most all forms of payment, including EFS check, Comdata checks, AND we work with most all Fleet Management companies! So C'mon in, we'll handle the paperwork and get you on the road again!!

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